the time. I blocked it with a towel several times. As

the time. I blocked it with a towel several times. As

The edible vinegar (mainly white vinegar) is diluted with salt water in a certain proportion, and the ratio is about water: White vinegar: salt = 9:3:1. Soak the diluted liquid in a towel and apply it to the face. One time in the morning and evening, in the same period of skin whitening, can also remove facial acne marks, killing two birds with one stone.

For many girls, slightly larger bath towels are difficult to wring out. At this time, try to dry the bath towel on the top of the towel rack to dry, the operation is very simple, two hours later can use a clean bath towel, the mood becomes super good instantly.

Dad immediately put on his shoes and clothes to go downstairs to check, but the 9-year-old girl strongly advised him that it was irresponsible to be so reckless. The little girl picked up a wet towel and handed it to her father and urged him to cover his mouth and nose thoroughly to prevent poisoning. With the reminder of the little girl, my father remembered that in such a critical situation, he really needed to think twice about the best and safe course of action.

With the sound of the alarm, there was a lot of smoke in the teaching building, and the instructors led the students to evacuate quickly from the classroom, covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, and evacuated the teaching building quickly and orderly along the designated escape route. During the evacuation process, the students were in good order, and all the teachers and students left the teaching building and quickly ran to the school football field. Then the instructors of each company counted the number of people and reported them to the general command office.

There is another thing that is very dangerous, which the doctor did not mention. Two days ago, my baby fell in the bathroom while taking a bath, and her mouth was bleeding all the time. I blocked it with a towel several times. As soon as I saw the wound to my lower lip, I rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, the doctor said that the wound in the mouth, the child better quickly, take some anti-inflammatory medicine before and after meals, salt water gargle every day, as for the wound outside the mouth, once detoxified will be OK. It was his little tiger teeth that caused the penetrating wound, which shows how sharp the teeth are and how scary they are.

3. Car interior cleaning: ⑴ uses towels or sponges to apply special cleaning agent to scrub every corner of the dashboard. ⑵ clean the chemical fiber table in front of the eyes, first use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special car cleaner for a few minutes, wait for the dust to dissolve, and then scrub it with a towel. ⑶ leather products can be scrubbed with a little water on towels (or special leather plastic cleaner). Pay attention to the careful use of leather protective products, inferior protective products not only can not play a protective role, but will also cause damage to the leather. The ⑷ chromium-plated surface should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain its brightness, and when it is found that the chromium-plated surface has been scratched, it should be sealed in time to prevent the extension of rust.

Professional solution: it is very important to do a good job of facial cleansing, choose mild and safe exfoliating products, dry skin should be done every three weeks, oily skin once a week, and you can choose a special face steamer to steam the face for 5 minutes or 10 minutes. You can also use hot towels to wrap the face with hot compress, which can quickly open skin pores, promote skin care product penetration, and enhance skin absorption. Patek Zhimei medical staff remind that daily exercise should be strengthened as much as possible, and it is recommended to do slightly intensive physical exercise 1-2 times a week, so as to relieve physical and mental pressure. it can also promote skin metabolism and detoxification through exercise sweating, take a hot bath after exercise to further relax the skin of the whole body, and then use some skin care products with strong moisturizing ingredients and functions. In order to repair skin problems and achieve the role of maintenance.

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two。 Avoid catching cold. Many patients enter their homes outside and often blow into the air conditioner tuyere in order to cool as soon as possible, but this situation should be prohibited for patients with asthma. They should first dry the sweat on the body with a towel, and do not blow into the air conditioner outlet to avoid airway spasm.